Viyata Ultra(The Complete GFC kit)

How To Prepare Viyata GFC?
Step 1: Collected 8ml Blood in 1 vacutainer provided in kit with Blood collection set provided in kit.
Step 2: Mix Collected *ml Blood By inverting Vacutainer 6 to 7 times and keep it a Side in upright position for 30 min for Platelet activation Process.
Step 3: Centrifuge Vacutainer with proper counter balancing at 3400RPM for 10Min
Step 4: Collect 3.5 to 4ml GFC Serum from tube and inject at side of action


What is GFC Therapy?

GFC stands for Growth Factor Concentrate which is a pure, highly safe, highly concentrated growth factor preparation concocted from patient’s own blood for superior results.
Various growth factors are stored in our platelets. Flowrich’s scientists have been able
to extract these growth factors at high concentration as a Growth Factor Concentrate
(GFC) in specially designed Viyata GFC Kits. This GFC is administered at the site of requirement as per indications, thus, bringing patients own growth factors at high concentration right at the intended site.

Why GFC Therapy?
GFC Therapy is latest therapy. It is an innovative therapy, researched and concocted by Flowrich’s Regenerative Medicine Department.
Rather than giving platelets, GFC therapy provide high concentration of patient’s
Growth Factors extracted from platelets, which are actual agonist in tissue regeneration & repair. Flowrich’s proprietary platelet activator is used in specialized kits, to release various growth factors from α Granule of platelets into GFC. Platelets are activated prior to centrifugation (in Vitro/ ex vivo), thus ensuring no platelet loss & release of all GFs from α Granules.

Role of GFC in orthopedics

Tendinopathy and osteoarthritis are common chronic musculoskeletal conditions that are associated with frequent pain and reduced function. With the discovery of autologous Growth factor concentrate (GFC) therapy, new opportunities are available to elucidate potential healing mechanisms and elaborate safe injection therapies. GFC therapy involves the use of autologous, high concentration of growth factors extracted from platelets activated with the help of Flowrich’s platelet activating solution. The underlying principle of GFC is to deliver a large pool of signaling proteins such as growth factors and other cytokines to the local milieu driving the tissue regeneration mechanisms.
GFC is capable of interfering with various healing mechanisms – that is, influencing the controlled inflammatory response, inducing cell migration and proliferation, and modulating angiogenesis. Given the redundancy and pleiotropy of the grow factors, the specific actions of individual growth factor and the molecular mechanisms remains to be exploited fully. GFC therapies provide a multifunctional microenvironment by a myriad of molecules involved in the healing mechanisms. They target multiple cell phenotypes and modulate various biological processes including inflammation, angiogenesis, cell migration and proliferation and the  anabolism/catabolism (synthesis and remodeling) of extracellular matrix.


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